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Girls Coding Academy is a new organization in Lesotho that aims to teach basic computer skills, robotics, and computer science concepts to both girls and boys. They offer various programs such as hackathons, coding and robotics sessions, coding boot camps, and more.







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Coding Training

Begin your journey on coding with languages that are most in high demand so as to grasp opportunities!

LSL 450/Month
3D printing

Begin your journey in digital fabrication with our 3D printing course. Learn the basics, create your own designs, and bring them to life!

LSL 450/Month
Lego Robotics

Unlock the power of robotics with our LEGO robotics course. Build and program robots to complete tasks and solve real-world problems.

LSL 450/Month
FTC Robotics

Take your robotics skills to the next level with our First Tech Challenge Robotics course. Design, build, and program advanced robots for competitions.

LSL 450/Month
Front-end web-dev

Learn the art of designing and developing stunning websites with our front-end web development course. Master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

LSL 450/Month
Back-end web-dev

Enter the world of server-side programming with our back-end web development course. Build dynamic websites and web applications with Node.js and databases.

LSL 450/Month

Discover the world of coding with our interactive coding course. Learn programming languages, build projects, and unleash your creativity.

Empowering the Future through STEM Education

Launch Your Career in Tech with Girls Coding Academy

Prepare for a career in tech with Girls Coding Academy. From robotics to 3D printing, our beginner-friendly courses teach industry-standard technologies and help you build a professional code portfolio. Start from scratch with no coding experience, and get certified in just 6 months. Open to all genders

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Maneo Mapharisa
Chief Executive Officer
Thabang Pinyane
Paballo Kele
Mahali Theletsi